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Trimble AgGPS 262 Receiver

Trimble AgGPS 262 L2C GPS Receiver.

Using the Latest GPS Technology from Trimble, the AgGPS 262 receiver is a "drop-in" replacement forthe AgGPS 252 receiver. Becasue the enclosure, connectors, and mounting are on the AgGPS 262 receiver are identical to those on a AgGPS 252 receiver, easy integration within an AgGPS Autopilot automated steering system (or any other application where an AgGPS 252 receiver is used.) is Guaranteed.

A mid-range smart antenna ideal for farming operations that require variable levels of accuracy

  • AUTOPILOT READY - Use the AgGPS® 162 receiver with AgGPS AutopilotTM automated steering system for hands free farming
  • PORTABLE - Combined GPS/ DGPS Receiver and antenna in a single, rugged housing and a simple strong magnetic mount.
  • LED- 2 status LEDs
  • RTK READY/COMPATIBLE - Add the optional Centerpoint RTK Radio and required Unlock Codes and Unleash the true power of this receiver with 1" accuracy
  • NEW – TRANSCEND™ POSITIONING TECHNOLOGY - Trimble proprietary positioning technology provides users with high accuracy and a flexible solution for the most challenging applications and environments. This technology is shared across multiple Trimble platforms from current lightbars and GPS receivers to next generation GNSS products
  • L2C READY- The AgGPS 262 has built in Future proofing as it can accept L2C Signals.
  • AgGPS ONPATH® ADVANCED FILTER TECHNOLOGY - Improved pass-to-pass accuracies even without SBAS corrections.
  • RADAR SPEED OUTPUT- sends a radar pulse signal to your rate controller's or planter monitors

Suggested uses

    This receiver can be used for applications, such as:
  • Guidance
  • Yield monitoring
  • Spray/Seed rate control
  • Mapping and scouting
  • Soil sampling
  • CenterPoint RTK Corrections
  • CenterPoint VRS Corrections
  • OmniStar Corrections
  • High Accuracy Applications(Planting, Field Level II)

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