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Trimble AgGPS 372 Receiver

Trimble AG-372 GNSS Receiver .

The new Trimble® AG-372 GNSS receiver is a high-performance GPS and GLONASS smart antenna receiver designed specifically for agriculture applications. The AG-372 GNSS receiver uses the latest Trimble GNSS technology, so it is capable of tracking up to 44 simultaneous satellites while utilizing up to 220 total channels from multiple GNSS constellations. Its GNSS receiver and dual-frequency antenna are integrated into one unit for simple installation.

The AG-372 GNSS receiver delivers unmatched accuracy and performance in a rugged unit that is able to stand up to harsh conditions typically found in farming environments.

Suggested uses

  • Automated Guidance
  • Yield monitoring
  • Precision application of Seed and Fertilizer
  • Planter row and sprayer section shut-off
  • Mapping and scouting
  • Soil sampling
  • CenterPoint RTK Corrections
  • CenterPoint VRS Corrections
  • OmniStar Corrections
  • High Accuracy Applications(Planting, Field Level II)

The AG-372 GNSS receiver is best suited for precision agriculture solutions that do not already include a display with an integrated high-performance GNSS receiver such as the Trimble FmX® integrated display and the Trimble CFX-750™ display

    AG-372 GNSS receiver features

  • Latest Trimble dual-frequency 220-channel GNSS receiver
  • GPS and GLONASS compatible
  • Supports most correction services:
    • Trimble CenterPoint™ RTK, VRS™, and RTX™ services
    • OmniSTAR HP, XP, and G2
  • Same iconic design as the AgGPS® 262 receiver
  • Equipment compatibility and mounting footprint same as AgGPS 262 receiver

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