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We work our hardest to be the biggest visual bang for your buck. Our mission is to toughen your focus and sharpen your view and ensure the clarity of your vision, regardless of condition.

Conceived as a light adaptable system, the camera allows for immediate transfer from brightly lit locations to very dark environments without sacrificing quality or sharpness of view. This is our prescription for your farming health as we alone use the same glass for our camera as in the most expensive prescription glasses.

Why AgCam for You

By using an AgCam, you gain the advantage of an additional set of eyes and rear view mirror to aid in all your tasks across the farm; from backing up trailers, campers, hydraulic folds, aerators or moving around other view interupted equipment, you can enhance your view and your control.

Our monitors have two-camera capabilities so you can simply press a button to switch your perspective as your project requires. With the Thin Film Technology, you have a clear image with a wider viewing angle on the monitor. An adaptable aspect ratio allows for your final customization of view on your AgCam system.

Created in 2002 by an American farming family, the AgCam system is a tried and tested system back by a consistent history of minimal warranty needs. We believe in building it right the first time and offer more value for your dollar instead of just wanting more of your dollar. We even kept our manufacturing facility on the farm to keep our connection to our roots.


“This represents one of the best systems on the market.” Larry Marrs, Paris IL

“The AgCam is truly an amazing piece of equipment and we consider it to be the easiest way for us to reduce our day to day workload.” Ted Moir, White City SK Canada

“This system is foolproof for outdoor use and is very well constructed. We would strongly recommend the AgCam.” Mark Haan, Stillwater MN


AgCam Camera Kit
All you need to improve your view and increase your range of vision.

Wireless Ranch Hand
Increase your distance and go cable free in your camera to monitor capabilities

Quad Four Camera to Single Monitor System
Capture up to four angles on one monitor and see it all at once in a split screen.

See-Saw hand held camera with digital video recorder.
Capture Video directly from your AgCam Camera System, View it on the Digital Screen or Capture it to the Internal SD Card.

Ranch Hand Handheld Receiver w/ 2.5” LCD screen & recorder.
Capture Video directly from your AgCam Wireless Ranch Hand Transmitters, View it on the Digital Screen or Capture it to the Internal SD Card.


  • Camera is 100% waterproof for a depth of up to 240-feet.
  • The only Camera 100G force Drop Certified.
  • Self-darkening lens system.
  • Complete system portability in minutes of effort.
  • Fully functional in heavy dust conditions.
  • Anti-static, anti-scratch lens technology
  • Fully Recognized by Presision Agriculture Manufactures as the Industy Recommended Camera
  • Plug and Play with most GPS Guidance Displays.
  • Automatic infrared night vision.
  • Built in the U.S.A.

Standard AgCam Kit Includes

  • Power accessories and adaptors.
  • Choice of two monitor sizes:

    7-inc and 9-inch.

  • Choice of up to two cameras with magnetic and hard mount standard.
  • Monitor stand.
  • 60-foot and 20-foot watertight connector cables.
  • Six pieces of adhesive cable clips.


  • Minimal warranty repair rate of less than one percent.
  • Cameras have three year
  • Monitors have two year
  • Other components have one year

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