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GPS Ontario Advanced Data Management.

NEW!! GPS Ontario is Please to Announce its newest Division in Precision Agriculture Service's

GPS Ontario offers several new Precision Farming Data Management Solutions designed to provide greater effiency, productivity, and profit. Completeing the Missing Link between the Field and the Office.

    Mission Statement
  • To improve data transfer from field to office and office to field.
  • Transferring data with Connected Farm
  • Transderring data with USB drive
  • To assist growers in making better use of the farm data collected from there data management display.
  • Assist to correct errors in previous data collected and educate growers on correcting poor data entries in there Farmworks Office Software.
  • Create farm data directories and dictionaries to assist in implementing correct variety and material application data.
  • Educate growers in correct Client Farm Field Event set up and assist in pre-season setup
  • Empower growers to utilize the data captured in an efficient and accurate process to make informed cropping decisions based on that data collected.
  • Assist grower in the implementation of variable rate technology and prescription mapping capabilities to improve cropping practices simplify data management and reduce input costs alike

The GPS Ontario Team has come together to complete the Precision Agriculture segment with this new division. It is our mission to make all of our growers increasingly more efficient, more productive, and collect complete, accurate, data records for all cropping events. With proper training, business management and a strict consistent farm data management team, GPS Ontario can assist you to implement a new data set to make field set-up, variety and hybrid selection, and implement management more consistent and correct.

Accurate data sets will allow growers to make informed and better decisions on cropping practices, application methods and hybrid and variety selection as well as implement new and exciting cropping practices and strategies to improve overall yield, increase profitability and reduce input costs. With an over all strategic advantage on the market. Empowering growers with precision agriculture will greatly improve the overall efficiency and reduce the stress on the growers.


Data Cleanup: GPS Ontario helps work with you to complete and adjust your data sets to organize and complete the data removing errors and incomplete setup.


Data Development : GPS Ontario works with you to organize the nameing structures and data directories so that your in-field operation is complete and consistent.


Data Management: Using todays advanced technology GPS Ontario has the ability to manage all your farm data remotely.


Options:                                                         Generate,        Process,        Syncronize,        Organize     

Online Data Storage Account:

Itís important enough that itís included with every Precision Service Package we offer, every client has there own dedicated and secure online account. That is there home to share, store and profit from there precision ag data. When not using our wireless services, this is the first place that your, planting, spraying and harvest data should go, weather its processed or in raw format, this is your safety deposit box for all your farm data, good data is invaluable, and irreplaceable. Ensuring that your data is safe and secure is a necessity to the long term efficiency, and profitability of your total operation.


Operational Review:

This On-Site Assessment, outlines your CFFE structure and allows us to better manage your field record keeping in a name and way that you will be familiar with but creates the standard and consistent structure from field naming to event set up and material management. Consistencies are the bread and butter to great data and information record keeping.


Precision Operation Survey:

What precision pieces do you have now ? What are your precision ag goals ? This on-farm assessment, outlines what you currently own, What your future goals are and areas that might require some attention. This establishes a precision ag, business plan to assist in better implementation of record management and machine management. This allows us to better assist you in making better more informed decisions on your operation.


Field Boundary Set up:

With all great management and planning systems understanding the field dynamics and boundaryís and problem areas, crop planning and understanding that planning goal will allow us to better set up guidance and monitor packages, field areas that are productive and non productive weather they are accessible or not. Boundaries also allow us to grid farms, average and normalize yields and import soil type mapping.


Pre-Season Yearly Updates:

Technology changes, software changes, and firmware enhancements add functionality that takes precision ag to the next level, of accuracy, simplicity, and efficiency. Starting the next season with the newest software advancements make for a better time management and generally improves data record management and keeps you up to date with the newest level of functionality


Precision Harvest:

GPS Yield Maps are the foundation for any precision management program, Thatís why precision mapping not only prints maps but coaches growers on how to calibrate, and collect accurate yield data. The yield map is the last chapter that closes the book on a crop harvest year. It is a very valuable management piece in your precision cropping plans.


Grid Sampling System Set up:

All precision plans which include gps grid soil sampling set up, include a standard 2.5 acre grid unless other wise specified by the grower or professional requesting that crop set up. Collected samples are to be submitted to A & L Labs or a supported lab in your region, and the electronic corresponding GIS data set submitted to GPS Ontario precision data team for processing. The nutrient recommendations are made by your current crop professional. All customized nutrient recommendations are provided to the client and the applicator in and electronic format.


Advanced Planting Set up:

Variety placement and seeding rate, is crucial to any GIS data set. Which also includes detailed reporting of planting date and total planted acres and total field areas are combined with future harvest yield maps and analyzed to produce reports such as yield by variety, and yield by population. All reports are submitted electronically.


Advanced Nutrient Application:

From spray reports to documenting application of NH3 and other fertilizers you have a complete record of all inputs for all acres with this service, which can also include application cost. This can serve as documentation reporting purposes and restricted access reporting and also advanced analysis when combined with other GIS information such as fertilizer to yield or herbicide to yield reports.


Crop Nutrient Removal Mapping:

In the absence of a Site-Specific Fertility Data, Nutrient Recommendations may be created using a simple yield based nutrient removal formulation approved by the client and assisted by the agronomic partner (if applicable.) Using GPS yield data to track such removal, Variable rate nutrient prescriptions can be created in order to keep field fertility balanced and more uniform.


Crop Nutrient Removal Mapping:

In the absence of a Site-Specific Fertility Data, Nutrient Recommendations may be created using a simple yield based nutrient removal formulation approved by the client and assisted by the agronomic partner (if applicable.) Using GPS yield data to track such removal, Variable rate nutrient prescriptions can be created in order to keep field fertility balanced and more uniform.


Post Harvest Data Management:

As the yield data information is collected and submitted to us, the processing of this data begins, importing this data, managing this data and incorporating it into the correct data sets allows us to detect errors in yield data input, post processing of this data is also available to correct for data errors. Such as an un-calibrated yield monitor. Merging this data with your data completes the data collection and shows you the reward for a great season.


VRT Prescription Seeding:

Variable-Rate Seeding is the next logical step for veteran precision managers, This service creates prescription seeding population recommendations, using available agronomic GIS data such as years of normalized yield maps and soil variations and other information defined and approved by grower and agronomic business professional.


Annual Data Reprocess:

As more data is collected it becomes more dynamic and more valuable and simply more useful on your operation, thatís why at the end of the cropping season the collective sum of data is reprocessed. This keeps your data from getting stale for example, by tracking nutrient removal through yield maps, prescription nutrient recommendations can be better updated annually and repositioned to better serve you for the next growing season. Such annual updates and data repossessing is crucial to achieve precision agronomic goals.


, GPS Ontario