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GPS Ontario Media Center

Strip-Tillage 2014 at Tara Farms Agri Services

Running in the field laying a plan for 2015 growing season. Field work with a Trimble FmX Display with Can-Net VRS and Autopilot offers industry leading accuracy and repeatability.

Fall Tillage 2014 Chicken Little Farms

Trimble's EZ-Guide 250 Entry Level Display and EZ-Steer Assisted Steering Solution offers a basic AutoSteer solution with Sub Meter WAAS Level Accuracy, perfectly Matched for Fall Tillage and Broad Acre Applications. Does this Solution make Sence for you operation ?

Soybean Harvest 2014 Guy Family Farms Inc.

Trimble's Harvest Solution in part with VRS sub-inch Accuracy allows this grower to maximize his pass to pass repeatability. Twin Row soybean Planter with VRS is harvested with Autopilot and VRS and Hands Free Harvest allows the Operator to manage the items in his field. From managing and monitoring Yied Data, to unloading on the fly with a large Articulate Tractor, Monitoring this operation with this simplified harvest solution keeps the operator fatigue at a minimum and efficiency at a all time high!!

Fall Tillage 2014 with Trimble EZ-Pilot

Looking for a System that can help keep your tractor online with a more integrated looking system. The Trimble EZ-Pilot is for you then, It interfaces under the Trimble Steering wheel and disappears in the cab. Simple Operation with the CFX-750 and the new Rangepoint RTX Signal optimizes the pass to pass performance of this system. Check it out in action !

Winter Spelt Planting 2014

This fall Konzellman Farms of Wyoming Ontario, is on his 5th growing season of Planting with Trimble Agriculture FmX Display with RTK/VRS Accuracy and Autopilot integrated steering system. This Operation is being conducted by a new operator who is new to Autopilot and Trimble Equipment. This is his first field with the system.

Corn Harvest 2014 Silvercrest Farms

Corn Harvest at Silverscrest Farms, This Lexion 740TT has a Trimble FmX Display interfaced to the Cebis Yield Monitor and Lexion Autopilot. Great Harvest footage. Enjoy

Corn Harvest 2014 From the cab

Corn Harvest at 4c Lazidee Farms Ltd. This Gleaner S67 has a Trimble FmX Display and EZ-Steer with a Complete Trimble Yield Monitor Solution. This operation also has a varity map in the background of the display if you watch you will see how simple the logging is. Great Harvest footage. Enjoy

Corn Harvest 2014 Cedar Lodge Farms

Corn Harvest at Cedar Lodge Farms. Trimble FmX Display interfaced to the Cebis Yield Solution and Autopilot interfaced to the factory valve. This System also has a Headsight TrueSight row feeler interfaced to the Factory Valve. The Grain Buggie has a Trimble FmX Display with VRS and EZ Steer. Both vehicles are communicating wirelessly with Trimble's ConnectedFarm Vehicle Sync. They are Sharing AB Lines and the Buggie Operator Can See the Yield data from the Combine, and the Combine operator can see if the Buggie is engaged on the AB Line or not. This Operation is excercizing Controlled traffic practices to reduce impact on Soil Compaction.

Managing Wheat Stubble 2014

When you in the field why not be accurate and efficient. This Operation utilizes the Trimble FmX Display on all applications and operations on there farm. Whether its planting or chopping down some wheat stubble. Creating a Data Set allows them to manage and track variables in the field, and hey, why not be accurate.

Tile Drainage 2014 with Liebrecht and Trimble

Check out this Sweet Video with @trimble_Ag WMDrain and Liebrecht Drainage Plow. Installing Tile Drainage like a Professional is a reality and should be on your farm as well. Trimble WM Drain provides a complete installation and mapping solution for growers and the Liebrecht Plow is a solid plow with an unmatched?ggrade system. Simple to operate.

Wheat Harvest 2014 with Trimble Yield Monitor

Yield Monitoring is one of the most important data sets in the growing season. Capturing this data and being able to process it is important. Lets get a System in your Combine that allows you to make decisions on how your operation is running.

Onion Harvest 2014

Harvesting Onions in Bradford Ontario with GPS Ontario. Trimble Agriculture FmX Display, Autopilot and RTK Solutions offer a repeatability that in unamached in the industry.

Carrot Harvest 2014

Carrot Harvest with a Trimble FmX and Autopilot with a Yield Plug in from a Greentronics Root Crop Yield Monitor. Controlled Traffic at its finest and solid Sub-inch Repeatability. GPS Ontario is able to provide all season repeatability and performance.

Sidedress Corn 2014 with Trimble GreenSeeker

GPS Ontario filmed on location at Tranquility Ag. This System is a NH 7040 Tractor with a 12 row Farm King Applicator, CDS John Blue 9055 Pump with Rawson Hydraulic Drive and Variable Rate Field IQ interfaced with a Trimble Agriculture FmX Display and Autopilot with VRS. This System has 4 Section Liquid Block Section Control and automatically turns the System On/off when entering/exiting an already covered zone.

Trimble FieldLevel II on a Soil Auger 2012

Bringing Surface Drainage to the next level. Trimble FmX Display with Dual Slope FieldLevel II Control allows the Operator to Customize the Slope and minimize water issues in the field. Proper drainage has major impacts on Yield and crop health. Let us help you control and manage you water.

Trimble WM-Drain on a Gold Digger Plow

Looking into a Drainage Solution, We can help. Trimble Fmx Display on a MF 8560 and a Gold Digger Stealth ZD fully controlled by WM Drain. Install Pipe with a professional grade solution. Trimble Agriculture Drainage Video of the Year Award 2012

Trimble's Vehicle Sync Demo

GPS Ontario put vehicle Sync to work on our Demo Stands at the Fruit and Vegie Tech Expo in fall 2012. This Newly released product from Trimble Agriculture allows multiple displays to share guidance lines, coverage maps and Transmit yield data from display to display. Take a look, it may have a huge impact on your operation and allow you to do things you never thought possible.

Wheat Harvest 2012

Trimble Agriculure EZ-pilot install in a CNH Combine with Centerpoint RTX and a CFX-750. This Simple to operate Display has enabled this operation to maximize efficieny and minimize operator fatigue.

GreenSeeker N SideDress 2012

Test Plot with Ottawa Carleton Soil and Crop. The GreenSeeker was run in V6 Corn and was not limited at what it could apply for rates.

The GreenSeeker uses IR and NIR light to detect the variability within the Crop and with an algorithm adjusts the amount of Product to apply on the go.

Manure Sidedress 2012

Are you tired of running over your corn crop while sidedressing Manure or Nitrogen. With GPS Ontario and Trimble Centerpoint RTK and Can-net VRS we have the accuracy to carry you all season long. This video shows a grower who maintains his accuracy to sidedress in row. Not alot of room for error. The Trimble FmX Display and Autopilot keep it between the rows.

Corn Planting 2012 with Trimble Field IQ

Planting Corn 2012 with Trimble Field IQ Shows growers the importance of the Trimble Solution within the Planting Season. Using this technology allows growers to See there planter Population and Advanced Seed performance skips and multiples. This Planter also has 4 sections of automatic on/off control. The Tractor is running Trimble's Autopilot interfaced directly to the factory autosteer valve.

Corn Planting 2012 with Trimble TAC

Planting Corn 2012 with Trimble True Application Control Run your Rate Control and Section Control and Population monitoring in one spot with up to 4 Products at once.

Headsight Row Feelers in Corn 2011

Truesight Row Feelers 2011, TrueSight Row Feelers interfaced to a Trimble Agriculture EZ-Steer Assisted Steering Solution on a CNH 2577 Combine running down previously Harvested Corn, This video shows the simple integration and stunning performace provided by this solution. Perfect for anyone with a Custom Harvesting Operation.

Corn Harvest 2011

Corn Harvest 2011 offered some challenges within the harvest season. Hurrican Katrina impacted Eastern Ontario but it was no match for the Trimble Agriculture FmX Display and EZ-Steer with Centerpoint RTK. This growers reaction and testimonial speaks for its self.

Wheat Harvest 2011

Wheat Harvest 2011, Advance Guidance Management offered controlled traffic to maximize the efficiency of this operation. With a Trimble Agriculture FmX Display, EZ-Steer and Yield Monitor, the Trimble Precision Agriculure lineup provided maximized productivity.

Baling Hay 2011

Baling Hay 2011Testing out the performance of the Trimble EZ-Steer with FmX Display and RTK Signal, while baling hay. Repeatable Passes all Season Long.

Cutting Hay 2011

Cutting Hay 2011Mowing down a little feed, with a Trimble FmX Display and EZ-Steer Assisted Steering System. Improving performance and efficiency in a light crop of hay.

Planting Soybean 2011

Planting Soybean 2011, Planting Soybean with a White 6606 Planter and a Trimble FmX Display with Centerpoint RTK and EZ-Steer. We are also utilizing Field IQ Crop input Control Solution, to monitor advance seed population skips and multiples.

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