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Farmworks Mapping

Farmworks accounting desktop software:

Farm Works™ Accounting software provides a complete general ledger and enterprising solution for growers.

Integrate your financial records to provide detailed enterprise statements for fields, livestock groups, and equipment. Easily compare the cost of production for each enterprise and make key decisions to improve farm profitability

The software offers an automated inventory tracking process for supplies, planted crops, and harvested crops. Fixing accounting entries is quick and simple. Utilize the easy-to-use interactive account register to edit your transactions while still maintaining a full audit trail. Easily generate cash reports for taxes, market value and budgets for bankers while maintaining accrual reports for your own management uses.

The Accounting software can integrate with the Mapping software to provide one comprehensive management solution for your farm.

Farmworks Accounting Features:

  • Access the profitability of fields, livestock groups, equipment, structures, and personnel.
  • Import bank statement data to help find accounting mistakes, populate transactions without details, and reconcile the checkbook.
  • Calculates cash and accrual general ledgers with single entry.
  • Print financial reports including VAT/GST, Schedule F, Income Statements, Balance Sheets, Cash Flows Statement, and more
  • Generate market value balance sheets.
  • Depreciation amounts for equipment, structures, land improvements, and livestock can be entered.
  • No monthly closings required and year-end is simple.
  • Enter payroll records and the system will calculate federal, FICA, and most state withholdings.
  • Utilize time sheets to calculate employee hours.
  • NEW 2012! Enter Grain Contracts and print out a position statement to know how much grain is left to be contracted. Keep contracts up to date through sales and print reports to organize grain deliveries.
  • Keep up-to-date inventory for supplies (seed, chemicals, fertilizer, feed, etc), harvested crops and livestock.
  • Records animal weights and feedings to calculate feed conversion and cost per pound gained and sold for each livestock group.
  • Utilize an interactive check register that features the capability of editing and printing checks along with an easy to use checkbook reconciliation area.
  • Keeps family living costs separate from farm costs.
  • Set up clients, farms, fields, and crop/year enterprises for quick access to field records.
  • Enter crop plans for product ordering, budgeting, equipment usage, and employee allocation.
  • Utilize the scale ticket feature to calculate dry yield.
  • Maintain detailed equipment records and burn rate of fuel.
  • Print reports for seed varieties, restricted use chemicals, fertilizer usage, equipment maintenance, and more.

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