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Trimble Field IQ for Air Seeders

Precision control for Air Seeder applications

The Field-IQ system with the FmX Display and air seeder functionality manages seed, liquid, or granular applications and Anhydrous(NH3)

  • Simultaneously control up to six materials with manual rate or prescriptions using the FmX display
  • Minimize overlap detection with a control drive, or add sections for liquid/NH3
  • Control exiting PWM, Linear Actuators, Electric over Hydraulic Motors, or Servo systems
  • Monitor up to 96 rows of blockage sensors
  • Read auxiliary sensors such as fan speed, low bin level, air pressure, and implement switch
  • NEW! Add Vehicle Sync to wirelessly transfer A/B lines and coverage maps between vehicles in the same field, providing section control for minimized overlap and seed savings

     PAR 2 Variable Rate Drive

  • Mount to any planter, drill, air seeder, granular and air spreader, and liquid applicator with constant volume pumps, such as the CDS-John Blue pumps.
  • Replaces ground drive mechanism, eliminating chains, clutches and wheel slippage.
  • Very fast response, going from stand-still to applying material at the correct rate within a fraction of a second.

, GPS Ontario