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Trimble Field Level II

Field Level II for Land leveling.

The Trimble FieldLevel II system provides a complete solution for surveying, designing and leveling field surfaces to ensure optimal water management. It provides vast improvements in yields, water usage, and farm productivity.

FieldLevel II for land leveling helps you:
  • Map your fields with precision RTK measurements to provide optimal field coverage and ensure the most accurate field surface drainage designs.
  • Create boundaries, interior points and surfaces with ease.
  • Calculate and report on the true acreage of your survey area.

  • Create a best-fit surface using Autoplane technology based on your survey, prescribed slopes, and cut and fill balance requirements.
  • Define primary and cross slopes for your prescribed orientation and grades, allowing you to easily touch up fields that have previously been leveled.
  • Benefit from Multiplane design software for more complex field requirements, and seamlessly transfer data back to your FieldLevel II system.
  • Drive the scraper hydraulic valves automatically to move the optimal amount of dirt across your fields.
  • Level your fields using any make and model of tractor and scraper.
  • Operate both tandem and dual scraper systems to increase your productivity when leveling your fields

, GPS Ontario