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Headsight Harvest Solutions

Headsight® Sensors are the best performing height control systems available.

Why Headsight®?

  • Horizon™- offers the most advanced header control and diagnostics at your finger tips.
  • Insight- single controller that offers solutions to all header control needs.
  • Foresight® Option- improves header control near ground.
  • Magic Power Boost Option- Allows Insight or
  • Horizon™ to unlock more horsepower in JD S-series and some 70-series combines.
  • Integrates with existing combine height and tilt circuits.
  • Accurate long lasting patented height sensors.
  • Includes 3-year parts warranty.
  • All sensors (up to 5) independently control height.
  • Works with most combines made in the last 30 years.

, GPS Ontario