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GPS Ontario E-mail Newsletters

The GPS Ontario Newsletter is a free publication that will give you access to important information about your Equipment, important updates for your Equipment, and information about Promotions, Upgrades, and services and Training for your Precision Agriculture Equipment

E-Mail Newsletter Features

  • Unit Upgrade Notification - Firmware Upgrades and Installation Instructions are Emailed Directly to you
  • Satellites Health Notification - GPS Ontario will Contact you directly should a Satellites Health Change and have an Impact on our Service.
  • New Product Notification - GPS Ontario will Contact you Should a new Unit be Released.
  • On-Site Service Notification - GPS Ontario will inform you if/when we are in your area, If you need Service or Support we are in the Area to service you.
  • Warranty End Notification - If we have the Serial Numbers and the Purchase Date of the Units we will inform you of
  • Upcoming Events Notification - GPS Ontario will Inform you of Events and Meeting that we Know about and are planning
  • Press Release Notification - When the Companies we represent release News we will release the same news to you keeping you informed
  • Price Change Notification - If the Companies we represent adjust their current Pricing or have Promotions available we will inform you.
  • Training Notification- We will inform you of Current Training Course that we have planned or .

Past Newsletters

GPS Ontario Newsletter January 2013
GPS Ontario Launches Field Solutions Support Agreement, 2013 Training Courses, and is Excited to annouce the DCM-300 Now Qualifies for Extended Warranty.

GPS Ontario Newsletter December 2012
Trimble Launches Version 7.00 for the FmX, Extends the Rebate for Releif Program and Launches the DCM-300 Connected Farm Bundle.

GPS Ontario Newsletter October 2012
Trimble Launches new Firmware, and Great Year end Programs.

GPS Ontario Newsletter September 2012
GPS Ontario Launches new Data Management Division

GPS Ontario Newsletter Auguest 2012
GPS Ontario Announces GreenSeeker Handheld.

GPS Ontario Newsletter April 2012
GPS Ontario Launches New Website, New Firmware Matrix, and Trimble New Features

GPS Ontario Newsletter January 2012
GPS Ontario Receives a Trimble award for Outstanding Sales and Invalu­able Customer Service for 2011

Seasons Greetings from GPS Ontario
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year !

The FAA WAAS Service Restoration
The FAA reports that the issue with the WAAS service has been rectified and is now back online and fully operational.

The FAA WAAS service outage.
The outage affects all WAAS-compatible GPS receivers. The FAA has reported this issue and is working to restore service.

Announcing the WM-Drain Farm Drainage Solution
WM-Drain™ farm drainage solution, a complete toolset that streamlines the survey, analysis, design, installation, and mapping steps of surface and subsurface drainage.

Announcing the Trimble EZ-Pilot Assisted Steering System
EZ-Pilot is an affordable, high-performance steering system that turns the vehicle steering wheel using a sleek and compact electric motor drive that is integrated into the steering column.

Trimble Announces Expanded Functionality to Yield
Trimble is pleased to announce the expansion of the Trimble® harvest solution to now include yield monitoring and row guidance, which enables farmers to maximize their efficiency when harvesting crops while accurately monitoring, mapping, gathering, and analyzing their crop yield.

Trimble Advanced and Extended Warranty Program
Advances Protection for your Precision Ag Displays

GPS Ontario Exclusive: New Product Announcement
Protect your FmX Display with Our Custom Fit Screen protector Kit

Trimble Announces CenterPoint RTX
Trimble Agriculture is excited to introduce Trimble® CenterPoint™ RTX™ correction service for the CFX-750™ display and FmX® integrated display.

Trimble Valued Customer Loyalty Program
Discounts Worth upto $6000.00

Trade-Up to an FMX Display Program
Trade-Up Trade up your Current Guidance System Program Expires 23 June through 15 August 2011 .

Merry Christmas from GPS Ontario
Merry Christmas and a Safe and Happy New Year.

Trimble FMX Trade-up Program
Trade-in Competitive GPS Displays for a Rebate off of a New FmX Display.

Trimble EZ- Guide 500 Lightbar Trade-up Program
Trade-in Competitive GPS Displays for a Rebate off a New EZ- Guide 500 Lightbar

Trimble EZ-Guide Plus Trade-in Program
Trade-In your EZ- Guide Plus Lightbar for $2400.00

Trimble Announces Yield Monitoring
The New FmX Display now has Yield Monitoring Capabilities

AgCam November Monthly Promotions
GPS Ontario has Bundled a Camera System for remotely Monitoring Grain Dryers

, GPS Ontario