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Norac Boom Height

Spray Height Control Systems
Unprecedented spray height accuracy combined with the control you need. Guaranteed.

The UC4+™ Spray Height Controller uses ultrasonic sensors to automatically maintain a preset height of the entire boom above the ground or crop. NORAC pioneered the use of this technology for agricultural equipment and now offers the most advanced spray height control system on the market.

More Efficient Use of Chemicals

The UC4+™ system maintains the booms at an entered preset height. Regulating spray nozzles at the recommended height above ground/crop results in the optimum spray pattern to disperse chemicals evenly and reduce drift.

Fast and Reliable

For farm operators and custom applicators, speed can have a major impact on the bottom line. Manual operation of a sprayer in uneven field terrain may require reduced operating speeds for continual boom adjustments. The UC4+™ ultrasonic sensors constantly measure the distance to the ground. This information allows the UC4+™ system to make responsive height adjustments to allow your booms to automatically follow the contours of the land.

Take The Stress Out of Spraying

After many hours of moving your head from side to side checking boom height, you can feel completely worn out. The UC4+™ system frees the operator of the most demanding part of the job. This level of comfort and control makes the operator’s job more efficient and less stressful.

Spray Day or Night

The UC4+™ ultrasonic sensors have been compared to “eyes” as they monitor changes in the field terrain. These ‘sonar’ devices do not depend on light conditions to measure boom height. Extend working hours well into the night, and take advantage of low wind conditions to spray in any light condition.

Accurate Smooth Spraying

The NORAC UC4+™ Height Controller System uses the stepless output of proportional valves to provide a much greater and uniform method of boom control (minimizing boom rocking motion).

Proportional valves enable the UC4+™ system to operate each boom independently. Height corrections are smooth, even, and automatic. . . and so is your spraying.

Avoid Boom Damage & Down Time

The UC4+™ control system takes over responsibility for monitoring field contours and making the constant boom adjustments. This allows you to keep your eyes on the job and focused on proper coverage and safety.

Rugged, Reliable Non-Contact Ultrasonic Sensors

  • Rugged aluminum sensor design for trouble free use.
  • Internal electronics are epoxy sealed making them virtually impervious to moisture damage.
  • Distinguish changes in height to the nearest half inch.
  • The NORAC engineered sensor is able to distinguish the ground surface from standing crop or field residue.
  • For UC4+™ boom control, a sensor is mounted on each boom section.
  • Breakaway brackets have been designed to provide superior protection to the sensors; the mounting will bend back approximately 90 degrees.
  • High performance, NORAC engineered sensors are able to distinguish four different targets simultaneously.
Sensor "Smarts"
The UC4+™ ultrasonic signal is “smart” enough to be set to read the boom height from the soil surface or from the top of the crop. Ultransonic sensor hardware and software is written and designed by NORAC engineers specifically for sprayer boom height control applications and to distinguish four different targets simultaneously.

The “Smart Sensor” technology allows the NORAC system to monitor and manage for boom roll, in addition to spray height. Without this technology, boom roll can only be controlled by making mechanical changes to boom design, or installing devices on the boom itself that physically make contact with the ground preventing roll. The NORAC UC4+™ system allows for effective control of the boom without having to alter the boom from its originally engineered design.

Intelligent, Durable, Easy-to-Use...
  • Set-up is quick and easy with NORAC’s user friendly programming.
  • Automatically maintains a preset height above the ground or crop.
  • Displays the height (inches) that the nozzle tips are from the ground.
  • Indicates whether the system is in Automatic “A” or Manual “M” modes.
  • Communicates hydraulic valve activity.
  • Can be manually overridden at any time with boom up/down switches on sprayer control.
  • Adjust your spray nozzle height on the go, with the flip of a switch.

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