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Orthman Manufacturing:

   Orthman Manufacture, Solid, Rugged, and Efficiencie Improving Iron Add-ons to improve the performance of todays operations in the fields.

The Orthman Implement Guidance System provides industry leading precision implement guidance.

GPS Ready Shadow Tracker implement guidance system

The GPS Shadow Tracker is based on the same principles as the award-winning Tracker IV system, but offers more mounting versatility because the modules do not require a mechanical connection.

The Shadow system has its own mast and processor mounted on the implement, and connects to the tractor GPS system. It uses a patented steering blade system to precisely adjust the implement location, and is compatible with the Trimble TMX-2050 Display, FmX Integrated Display, and the FMD Display, GPS systems. The number of required modules is based on the size of the implement.

Tracker IV implement guidance system The Orthman Tracker IV system was developed to provide industry-leading precision implement guidance. The Tracker is a supplemental, rear-mounted implement for most row crop implements on the market. The unprecedented precision of the Tracker system, with the well-known Orthman durability, results in the most advanced implement guidance system in agriculture.

The Tracker is designed to improve field accuracy and can be used on an array of implements to increase accuracy and operator ease.

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The Tracker requires a controller that is most commonly mounted on the Tracker cross tube. Steering blades are connected by tie rods and a single hydraulic cylinder allowing all blades to simultaneously pivot to the same degree providing consistent implement tracking correction. The controller kit is available from your GPS provider.

The Tracker frame consists of a 5"x 7" (3/8" wall) cross tube added to the existing toolbar. Tracker mounting arms mount directly to that existing toolbar and extend rearward to clear existing row units. A spindle, yoke and ground-contact steering blade are assembled. allowing the steering blade to protrude into the ground surface. The number of required steering blade assemblies depends on the implement size and objective.

The Shadow Tracker system is similar, but its modules do not require mechanical connection.

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