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Trimble Field IQ Planting

Precision control for planting applications

The Field-IQ system planter functionality manages seed, liquid, or granular applications

  • Prevent seed overlap by automatically controlling up to 48 individual rows
  • Simultaneously control the application rate of up to six different materials when using the FmX® integrated display, including seed, granular seed, granular fertilizer, liquid, and anhydrous ammonia in different combinations
  • NEW! Two material rate control capability when using the CFX-750™ display
  • Advanced seed monitoring available on the FmX display provides singulation details to operators, allowing for on-the-go planter tuning
  • NEW! The CFX-750 display now supports seed monitoring and singulation analysis
  • NEW! Add Vehicle Sync to wirelessly transfer A/B lines and coverage maps between vehicles in the same field, providing section control for minimized overlap and seed savings

Tru Count Precision Planting Components:

The Tru Count Air Clutch® is part of an affordable system that controls individual row shutoff for any planter. One Air Clutch is placed on each row and is controlled pneumatically from the tractor cab through a GPS signal or manual controller. Each row has its own clutch so you can divide your planter into as many sections as you need.

The Tru Count Air Clutches are instantly activated and deactivated with the flip of a switch or a signal from your GPS unit. All planters and drills drive from rotational motion supplied either by ground wheel drive or hydraulic motors. This rotational force is transferred to the seeding units through a series of shafts, chain/sprockets and shaft couplers. By placing the clutch in the driveline that drives the seeding units you can control whether a certain row or rows are driving or not driving.

Use the Tru Count Air Clutch System to shut off rows on waterways -- angled or straight.

     Tru Count Clutch Features

  • No down time: Clutches are instantly activated and deactivated which eliminates any stop or startup lag time of clutches.
  • Flexible: Tru Count Air Clutches work equally well on vacuum, air, or mechanical units, and air flow is not affected on vacuum or air planters.
  • Expandable: You may expand the Air Clutch System at any time by adding valves to change the size and number of sections controlled.
  • Adaptable: No planter modification is required for most planters.

While the Tru Count Clutch's are Compatible with most manufactures there are still 4 different types of Clutch's available that can be controlled by your Trimble Precision Ag Equipment:

    Tru Count Meter Mount air clutches shut off up to 48 individual rows for precise planter control
  • Compatible with the Field-IQ system for automatic seed control.
  • The new style of air clutch is mounted directly on the seed meter.
  • Quick installation—about 5 minutes per row.

    Prevent seed overlap with the affordable Tru Count shaft mount air clutch system.
  • Control individual rows or planter sections.
  • Compatible with the Tru Application Control system and the Field-IQ system for automatic seed control.
  • Controlled through a GPS signal or manual controller.
  • Saves seed at waterways, headlands and contours.

    Tru Count LiquiBlock valves control up to 48 individual rows of liquid fertilizer.
  • Eliminate liquid fertilizer overlap in your headlands and point rows.
  • Compatible with the Tru Application Control system and the Field-IQ system for automatic liquid control.
  • LiquiBlock valves use the same simple air system as the Tru Count air clutches.

    Reduce seed overlap in headlands and end rows with the Tru Count electric section clutches.
  • Large section planter control—disconnect planters by half or quarters.
  • Rugged and reliable
  • Controlled manually with a switch box, or automatically with the EZ-Boom 2010® automated application control system and Field IQ Crop Control System.

Trimble's Tru Count Clutch Results

  • The Tru Count Air Clutch System virtually eliminates double planting allowing you to eliminate this unnecessary input cost.
  • Since the Air Clutch virtually eliminates double planting, you save seed cost, lodging and reduced yields.
  • Typically, the Tru Count Air Clutch will pay for itself in seed savings alone within the first year.

     PAR 2 Variable Rate Drive

  • Mount to any planter, drill, air seeder, granular and air spreader, and liquid applicator with constant volume pumps, such as the CDS-John Blue pumps.
  • Replaces ground drive mechanism, eliminating chains, clutches and wheel slippage.
  • Very fast response, going from stand-still to applying material at the correct rate within a fraction of a second.

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