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Precision Ag Technology Quick Change Solution

The Precision Ag Technology Quick Change Kit for Trimble Agriculture EZ-Pilot Assisted Steering Solution allows you to Quickly and easily move your EZ-Pilot™ motor from vehicle to vehicle in minutes with the Quick Change Kit from Precision Ag Technology. GPS Ontario is proud to be the Canadian Distributor for this product.

The requirement for multiple Steering Kits adds alot of cost to a precision ag solution for todays Small to Mid-Sized Growers, with the Quick Change kit it allows you to move the Entire Trimble Ag Display from Vehicle to Vehicle in less them 15 minutes. GPS Ontario has worked with the Manufacture to implement a Simple and Efficient Installation kit to provide you with all the components that are required for a complete installation. All Transfer Installation kits include, All Cables for the Display and EZ-Pilot Cables, Antenna Cables, Roof Mounts, EZ-Pilot Motor Isntallation Components and Anti-Rotation Kit.

Simply unbolt the EZ-Pilot motor from the wheel and move it over to your second vehicle and tighten up the motor.


The Precision Ag Technology FlexSeeder


, GPS Ontario