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CenterPoint™ RTX™

What is CenterPoint™ RTK™ ?

Formerly known as Trimble® RTK, Trimble CenterPoint™ RTK is perfect for farms within 8 miles of an established RTK base station or base station network, without line-of-sight obstructions such hilly terrain or an abundance of trees. CenterPoint RTK is well suited for row-crop planting, strip tilling, land leveling and other water management applications in which the best horizontal and vertical accuracy is required, providing sub-inch accuracy.

Trimble pioneered RTK in the early 1990s as a means of delivering high accuracy corrections for field applications. In the two decades since, RTK has become the industry leading methodology for sub-inch positioning. Traditional RTK uses radio communications to provide corrections. When using RTK with radio communications, you need access to a base station located within a eight-mile radius (approximately) from your farm. An RTK base station sends corrections via a radio transmitter to a mobile receiver attached to your vehicle. At which point the vhicles receiver (Rover) will read the corrections from the base receiver and adjust your signal correction to remove error from the cab.

Base stations can be purchased for individual farming operations, or utilized through a subscription service from an established network. Subscription services are operated by precision agriculture equipment dealers, such as GPS Ontario, which has erected multiple stations within a network area. RTK networks are being added throughout the world at a rapid pace, so RTK coverage is improving all the time. CenterPoint RTK networks currently cover over 500 million acres of farmland in the United States, and over one billion acres worldwide. GPS Ontario Currently has 5 Base Stations connected into a Network RTK Solution, which we are providing to you our customers on an annual subscription basis.

Contact GPS Ontario to check CenterPoint™ RTK availability in your area

  • High-accuracy -Provides 1" horizontal and vertical accuracy.
  • GNSS Enabled - Uses GPS and GLONASS satellite access on your existing FmX or CFX-750 display to increase your satellite availability and extend your operating hours.
  • More uptime - Continue working during times of correction signal loss for up to two minutes.
  • FastRestart - 1 Minute Start up time whether you move your tractor or not.
  • No base station aquisition require - No need to purchase your own base station.
  • No Cellular Data Plan - No need to pay for a cellular package or worry about cellular reception.

, GPS Ontario