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Trimble Field IQ for Spreaders

Precision control for spreading applications.

Trimble has multiple solutions for your spreading needs. The Field-IQ™ crop input control system manages granular applications, while the GreenSeeker® optical sensor nitrogen application system delivers the right amount of nitrogen exactly where you need it, in real-time.

The spreader function manages accurate granular application:
  • NEW! Applicators can now automatically control spinner speed for spreader application systems with an FmX display and Field-IQ system
  • Vary rates of fertilizer or lime manually or using prescriptions to save money, increase yields, and keep records of what was applied
  • Avoid overlap by shutting off spreading when going over previously-applied areas
  • Connect directly into many spreader manufacturers' existing components with a Field-IQ system
  • Use a Rawson™ PAR 40 variable rate drive for very fast response going from stand-still to material application
  • Create maps of non-productive areas in the field and eliminate the application of expensive fertilizer in non-crop growing areas, such as waterways and headlands

Rawson Variable Rate Drives

Vary the rate of application to match the needs of specific areas of your field:
  • Use a Rawson™ PAR 40 variable rate drive to handle high performance spreader boxes
  • Replaces ground drive mechanism, eliminating chains, clutches and wheel slippage
  • Very fast response, going from stand-still to applying material at the correct rate within a fraction of a second

GreenSeeker® RT200 nitrogen application system

Now there's an easier way to apply the correct amount of fertilizer and chemicals to your field. You'll save on liquid fertilizer and chemicals with automatic boom section control. Reduce overlaps and improve productivity by maintaining speed and automatically turning off application at end of rows. Plus, with the addition of industry-leading GreenSeeker® and WeedSeeker® products, Trimble now offers on-the-go, crop-sensing technologies. Whether you choose to map crop vigor (NDVI), vary rates of application, or just spot spray where undesired plants exist, Trimble has a product for every situation, helping to optimize placement of crop inputs, increase yield and reduce environmental impact.

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