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SureFire Ag Solutions

SureFire Ag specializes in providing solutions for the control and application of liquid and dry fertilizer, seed, and chemical the SureFire way.

They believe in looking beyond convention to be an innovating leader in a dynamic industry. Their team brings experience in equipment engineering, crop input application and customer service to your field. Their products and services have reached customers in 47 states, 6 Canadian Provinces and other international customers.

They believe in providing you not only solutions, but reliable communication and excellent service as well. Whether it’s a follow up phone call or an on-site install, the SureFire team has you covered. They pride themselves on developing relationships with their customers and strive to not only meet your expectations —but to exceed them.

We believe in farming smarter, not harder. From simple, standard single-product liquid fertilizer application systems, to complex, custom-designed systems, SureFire Ag is committed to helping you farm the way you want.

GPS Ontario is a Proud Supplier for SureFire Ag Solutions and has many active systems in the field working flawlessly today.

Surefire Ag Pump Options

Surefire offers a variety of pump options to fit different application types. Control options include John Deere, Ag Leader, Trimble, CASE, Topcon, Dickey-John, AGCO, and SureFire.

Tower Pump System

The Tower Pump System is ideal for in-furrow starter or any low-volume application requiring 4-5 GPM or less, depending on specific application. The pump(s), pump control module, flow meter, and strainer are mounted to the Tower frame simplifying installation on your implement. Two models are offered – the standard Tower 110, or the Tower 200 which comes preconfigured for agitation. The system uses 1 or 2, 12-volt electric diaphragm pumps depending on the maximum required flow. The pumps are designed for rugged agricultural applications. The pump control module speeds and slows the pump to achieve the desired application rate (GPA).


PumpRight pumps are ideal for liquid application requiring flow rates up to 55 GPM. The PumpRight pumps are excellent for liquid nitrogen application on planters, strip-till machines, and side-dress applicators. They provide the highest degree of reliability, rapid rate response, and require minimal maintenance. PumpRight pumps are available in four sizes to meet your application needs. Pulse Width Modulated (PWM) Hydraulic Valve – The PWM “control valve” is a complete motor mounted assembly which minimizes external plumbing. PWM solenoid valve regulates oil flow and turns off flow when commanded to by controller. The valve is compatible with power beyond hydraulics with addition of load sense line to the tractor. Positive Displacement – One revolution of the pump shaft results in a specific volume of flow. Suction – PumpRight pumps develop suction and thus are self-priming. There are no seals to ruin and it is impossible for the system to develop an air lock. Implement mounted pumps will easily pull liquid from tractor or trailer mounted tanks. Easy Installation – PumpRight pumps are designed for easy installation and setup. The complete pump, with direct-couple hydraulic motor, hydraulic flow control, and flow meter are affixed to the mounting bracket at the factory. The provided mounting bracket easily attaches to tubes from 4” to 8” wide.


The Odyssey Roller Pump is specially designed to handle the toughest agricultural chemicals and fumigants. The pump comes standard with Teflon® rollers and Teflon® coated seals. Other features include the new SilverCast™body, 416 stainless steel shaft, and sealed factory-lubricated ball bearings. The Odyssey pump has been used successfully for both Vapam® and Telone® application.

SureFire EMag™ Flowmeter

All models of SureFire pumps are paired with an electromagnetic flowmeter. Extreme accuracy and fewer problems make these meters an integral component of a SureFire System. Unlike a traditional turbine-type meter, the electromagnetic flowmeter has no moving parts to wear or jam. Once the meter has been calibrated, it will be accurate for any other conductive liquid, without the need for recalibration. The EMag is a very high resolution meter, resulting in extreme accuracy, especially at low flow rates (less than 2 GPM). Most traditional turbine-type meters produce 75-200 pulses/gallon. The Ion Flow Meter produces 11,000-22,000 pulses/gallon, depending on meter size and capacity

Compatible With Trimble Field IQ®

SureFire Ag fertilizer systems are compatible with Trimble® Field IQ™ application control systems. Consult your Trimble® dealer for assistance in choosing the system that will work best for you.

To use the Trimble® Field IQ™ system, you will need to purchase the Trimble® Rate & Section Control Module. Also purchase a Trimble® display, harnesses from display to control module, and application control from GPS Ontario or Interface it to the System you already own. SureFire will provide a harness with a 30 pin connector to plug directly into the Trimble® Rate & Section Control Module.

Quick Draw

The SureFire QuickDraw is a fully automated spray tender system. Manually calculating product amounts are a thing of the past. Enter acres or total gallons, sprayer application rate and chemical rate per acre – QuickDraw then calculates the amount of each chemical in the batch, including manually added chemicals. Create recipes through the integrated touch screen display, or enter them at your convenience on an iPad and transfer them to the controller later through the built-in wifi connection. Recipes are saved in the controller, making batches easily repeatable.

  • Automatically meter 4 or 6 products (depending on model). Manually add up to 5 products for every batch.
  • Fastest batch mixing keeps sprayer in the field longer during optimal spraying conditions
  • Creates a log of every batch loaded. Log file is downloadable via iPad for required record keeping
  • Eliminates math and calculation errors when mixing.
  • 2 chemical flow meters. Electromagnetic meter for maximum accuracy. Paddle wheel flow meter for non-conductive products.
  • 3” transfer pump (sold separately) for 200+ GPM water transfer after chemical mixing complete
  • Optional CleanLoad Eductor on flip down linkage allows dry products, powders, or non-bulk chemicals
  • iPad app communicates with QuickDraw over Wi-Fi. Create and modify recipes and access historical records

Sure Batch

The SureBatch Precision Liquid Meter pumps and accurately meters liquids to be injected, sprayed, or added to any liquid or dry material. Uses include applying treatments to dry fertilizer, liquid manure, seed treatment, and injecting micro-nutrients in fertilizer batches.

The SureBatch comes with 3 operating modes: Batch By Time, Batch by Rate, or Flow Rate Continuous. You have the ability to store up to 4 different recipes for your application needs. Once the recipe is loaded, you have the ability to start a batch with a 6-function key-fob remote for an external start. The SureBatch is available in 12V DC and 120V AC options.

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