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FmX Integrated Display: Trade Up Program.

EXTENDED!!   FmX Integrated Display: Trade Up Offer Extended February 14th Through June 15th 2012

Due to popular demand, the Trade Up program for the Trimble® FmX® integrated display is now available from February 14th through June 15th 2012. Trade up a precision ag display toward the purchase of an FmX integrated display: Stay ahead of the technology curve! The FmX integrated display provides the latest in precision agriculture and GNSS positioning technology, while also offering unprecedented expandability. For a limited time, you can use an existing precision ag display as a trade up toward the purchase of a new FmX integrated display. This is an excellent opportunity to take advantage of the expanded upgrade path only available with the FmX integrated display. Note - The FmX integrated display also carries a two-year warranty.

    FmX integrated display: Supported features

  • Field-IQ crop input control system for planting, variable rate, spraying, spreading and strip-till
  • Yield monitoring
  • Wireless connectivity with Farm Works™ Sync software
  • EZ-Remote joystick
  • TrueGuide implement guidance and TrueTracker™ implement steering systems
  • EZ-Steer® and EZ-Pilot™ assisted steering systems
  • LB25 external lightbar
  • FieldLevel II automated leveling system – Autoslope
  • Autopilot™ automated steering system with external GPS receiver
  • Radar output

    Qualifying guidance system

  • Contact your GPS Ontario Sales Consultant to see if your Display qualifies

    Note: Trade-in Value givin as Passcodes towards accuracy increase's for the FmX Display.

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