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Trimble TrueGuide Implement Steering System

TrueGuide® Passive Implement Steering System

The Trimble® Trueguide™ system is a passive implement guidance system that monitors and corrects the position of your implement by moving the tractor. When the implement gets off line, the Autopilot™ automated steering system signals your tractor to compensate to the right or left of the guidance line to pull the implement on the correct path. The position is communicated between a second built-in receiver in the fmX® integrated display in your tractor and an additional GNSS antenna on the implement.

      TrueGuide® - Passive Implement Steering System Benifits:

  • reduces uncontrolled drift of the implement by more than 50% over guiding the tractor alone
  • best-suited for broadacre crop applications
  • low-cost solution with no need to add additional hardware to the implement
  • ideal for controlling implements where multi-pass repeatability is not required

  • CONTROL WHERE IT COUNTS - If the implement is moving, how effective is the automated steering? Control the point that is doing all the work—the implement.
  • USE THE SECOND BUILT-IN RECEIVER - Open up the power of the FmX™ integrated display by activating the built-in second receiver, and adding the TrueGuide system to the guidance controls.
  • EASILY ADD IMPLEMENT CONTROL - The TrueGuide system uses the existing Autopilot system to improve implement accuracy. There is no need to hang additional steering equipment on the implement just to get better control. Let the tractor guide the implement.
  • 1 Correction Source Required - The TrueGuide System uses the Second Integrated Antenna in the FmX Display and with that display you will achice Implement Control with only the Requirement of 1 Correction Source like CenterPoint RTK, CenterPoint VRS,or CenterPoint RTX, Because these 2 Receivers are internal they share the Subscription so you would only require 1 Subscription to any of these Correction Sources not 2.

Trimbles TrueGuide® Passive Steering System

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