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CenterPoint™ VRS™ :

What is CenterPoint™ VRS™ ?

Formerly known as Trimble VRS Now Ag, Trimble® CenterPoint™ VRS™ enables RTK corrections over a large geographic area, where robust cellular data coverage is available. Network processing ensures high accuracy throughout the whole coverage area. CenterPoint VRS ensures repeatable accuracy year-over-year for precision guidance applications.

How does it work ?

A cellular communication modem, such as the DCM-300 or Ag3000, is used instead of a radio to receive this type of sub-inch correction. The cellular networks used in CenterPoint VRS are referred to as Continuously Operating Reference Stations (CORS). CORS uses a network of GPS/GNSS reference stations situated within the coverage area to transmit RTK corrections to the cellular modem on a tractor. Because this is a "networked" solution, the distance between the reference stations and the vehicle does not affect accuracy, making it a popular option in areas with spotty RTK radio tower coverage.

What is Can-Net ?

Delivering GPS data for real-time and post-processed applications, the Can-Net Virtual Reference Station Network gives users the greatest precision, the fastest initialization time and the largest coverage area in Canada.

Canada’s largest, most expansive, GNSS positioning network, with over 200 reference stations and 8 VRS coverage regions across Canada . The Can-Net Virtual Reference Station Network gives users the largest coverage, greatest precision, fastest Initialization time and eliminates base station setups.

  • 200 Stations Across Canada. The Can-Net Virtual Reference Network is continually expanding to offer you only the best in reliability and precision. Can-Net is the fastest growing positioning network in Canada.
  • Newest firmware, software and hardware. Can-Net customers’ continued support ensures that the latest GNSS infrastructure technologies are deployed. Firmware and software is updated continually. Can-Net has grown to a 5 server system with built-in redundancy, the latest operating software, and continued maintenance.
  • Weathering the Storm. The next 5 years will see an increase in Solar Activity and Ionospheric noise. VRS solutions have advanced real-time Ionospheric correction modeling to significantly reduce errors at the rover due to Solar Wind.

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