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Trimble WM-Drain: Farm Drainage Solution

WM-Drain: Farm Drainage Solution.

The Trimble® WM-Drain™ farm drainage solution is a concept to completion toolset that streamlines the survey, analysis, design, installation, and mapping steps of surface and subsurface drainage.

WM-Drain helps you:
  • ensure optimal 3D drain placement
  • improve crop yields by controlling ponding
  • optimize root depth
  • maximize planting seasons
  • minimize nutrient loss

WM-Drain Workflow

    WM-Drain guides you through the entire drainage workflow:

  • Survey - Collect 3D field data with ease by using the FmX integrated display.
  • Analysis - Analyze the 3D field data using Farm Works™ Surface software to make better-informed drainage decisions.
  • Design - Design and verify a complete 3D drainage system using Surface software, or design drainage lines on-the-go without having to leave your vehicle.
  • Installation - Take your designs back to the field and utilize the WM-Drain module on the FmX display and Trimble's 3D machine control technology for precise installation of your pipe or surface ditches.
  • Mapping - Map the true location of your installed drainage pipes or ditches and utilize the records for future maintenance or drainage expansion projects.

WM-Drain Solution Components

    The WM-Drain farm drainage solution includes:
  • Enhanced Farm Works™ Surface software for 3D analysis and design of surface and sub-surface drains to verify that water will drain from the field effectively.
  • A new WM-Drain module for the Trimble FmX® integrated display which manages high-accuracy, automatic installation and mapping of the drainage pipe.
  • New T3™ Enhanced Terrain Compensation Technology which uses a new 3-axis compensation sensor to compensate for vehicle roll.
  • Pitch control on a parallel link or double link style drainage machine for more accurate drain installation.
  • The Trimble Connected Farm™ solution allows the operator to wirelessly transfer information from field operations to the office and back again.

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