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Trimble Yield Monitoring

Trimble Expandes the line-up for Harvest for 2012. Trimble Yield Monitoring allows you to accurately collect crop yield and moisture data as you harvest, via sensors connected to the Trimble FmX integrated display. Capabilities include:
  • Real-time variety tracking
  • Load tracking
  • Auto-cut width
  • Flexible installation options

With Trimble Yield Monitoring, you can:
  • Instantly see how well the field performed
  • Keep accurate field records for insurance and planning
  • Share yield data between the FmX display on the combine, mobile handheld device, and the office with Connected Farm™
  • Map and analyze yield and area data within Farm Works® software

Precisely monitor, map, gather, and analyze your yield with the Trimble harvest solution. This fully integrated solution includes:

  • Guidance and RG-100 Row Guidance: Accurately steer your combine along and down rows
  • Yield Monitoring: Record and map yield and moisture data of your crop
  • Cameras: Enhance your view of the combine
  • Connected Farm and Farm Works software: Wirelessly transfer data from your combine to the office for easy analysis
      So you can maximize your efficiency and your crop yields.

, GPS Ontario